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As a local trusted company, we endeavour to be upfront with our pricing. Please take a look below at the most popular electrical services/items that we can offer you. For more complex works or works that may require multiple services, please arrange to have a quote from us.
Minimum charge1 hour
Any Call-Out charge above 1 hour will be rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes.
Hourly Rate 8am - 6pm£60
Monday-Friday: 6pm - 12am £100
Saturday:  8am - 6pm £90
Sundays: Emergency Only 8am-12am £120
Consumer Unit

Consumer Units

All Consumer Units (Fuse boxes) are based on 18TH edition amendment 3.
The prices shown below include all labour & materials, an NIC Installation Certificate and Building Control Notification.

Morter Electrical's transparent pricing policy allows you to gauge how affordable a new consumer unit from us can be.

This is a guide as all available configurations would be to numerous to list.

To keep things simple we have only shown the most requested 10 Way Dual RCD's, 10 Way RCBO's and the latest AFDD Consumer Units.

Should you require any other consumer unit arrangement please call Morter Electrical to discuss your requirements.
Lewden Dual RCD High Integrity
Lewden Dual RCD High Integrity£600
10 Ways/Circuits
The Lewden brand has wide range of products at competetive prices.

RCBO Version also available at £700
10 Ways/Circuits
Hager Dual RCD High Integrity
Hager Dual RCD High Integrity£600
10 Ways/Circuits
The Hager brand was established in 1955 with their products offering a wider range together with asthetics, quality and affordabilty.

RCBO Version also avaliable at £700
10 Ways/Circuits
Wylex Dual RCD High Integrity
Wylex Dual RCD High Integrity£700
10 Ways/Circuits
The Wylex brand are the original manufacturer of fuseboxes, founded in the mid 1920's. They have the most extensive range and the only the brand that offers Single Module AFDD that also incorporate RCBO characteristics.

RCBO Version also avaliable at £850
10 Ways/Circuits

AFDD Version also avaliable at £1800
Type 2 Surge Protection£incl
All the above Consumer Units are also available with Type 2 Surge Protection as standard.
EICR on tablet

EICR Reports

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) identifies any damage, deterioration, defects and/or conditions which may give rise to danger along with observations for which improvement is recommended.
The prices shown below include all site labour. Upon completion you will receive a Report in electronic format.
Landlord EICR
Landlord EICRFrom £195
Homeowner EICR
Homeowner EICRFrom £250
(1-2 beds)    *£250
(3-4 beds)    *£275
* Up to 10 Circuits
Additional Circuits £25
Commercial EICR
Commercial EICRPOA
Please call to discuss your property.

Areas Covered

We offer reliable electrician services & repairs in the following areas:
Little Common– Bexhill on Sea – Hastings – Eastbourne – St Leonards on Sea – Ore – Sidley - Cooden – Polegate and all surrounding areas.