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Maximise Your Solar Panel Investment

A battery storage system complements your solar panel solution by storing excess energy generated by your panels but not used immediately. This reduces your reliance on the National Grid and excess energy can be sold back to the grid maximising solar investment.


The size of your home battery system depends on the energy requirements and size of your home. The ideal size is one that covers your evening and night-time usage while leaving a little extra space for unexpected demand. This ensures your electricity demand empties the battery by next morning, allowing it to capture the maximum possible sunshine for the following day.

A larger battery won't be effective if your solar PV generation is small, so our expertise will help you find the right system for your home based on both your energy needs and solar PV production.

Use The Sun’s Energy & Save Money With Storage

Avoid peak prices
By using battery storage, you can store electricity at cheaper times of day to use when you need it.

Charge batteries with off-peak electricity
Make additional savings by charging the battery overnight from the mains, using cheaper off-peak rate electricity.

Hybrid Invertor

Home Solar Battery FAQS

What is a home battery?
A home battery system is a large battery installed at home that stores excess electricity generated by your solar PV system during times when it's not needed, like at night or on cloudy days. By using this stored energy when the sun isn't shining, you reduce your reliance on the grid and save money on your electricity bills. Plus, using renewable energy stored in the battery ensures that more of the power you use in your home comes from clean, renewable sources.

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